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Introducing our IMMACULATE BROWS PENCIL: The ultimate solution for achieving flawless brows effortlessly.


With its innovative waterproof formula, our brow pencil with a built-in spoolie withstands the elements, ensuring your brows stay impeccable all day long. Whether you're facing rain, sweat, or unexpected surprises, rest assured that your brows will remain smudge-proof and stunning.


The dual-ended design offers versatility at your fingertips. Use the pencil side to fill in sparse areas and create defined strokes, then flip it around to blend and groom with the spoolie. Perfect your brow shape, tame unruly hairs, and achieve a polished, professional finish.


Our brow pencil's smooth texture glides on effortlessly, allowing you to effortlessly shape and define your brows with precision. Choose from our versatile range of shades to find your perfect match!

Immaculate Brows Pencil


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