We have been looking for the perfect product for our lashes... 
After researching and testing, we are proud to present you our In house Advanced Lash Essence!

So.. WHY OURS? (If there’s so many brands in the market). We care for our lashes just like you do. No toxins, hormones or any other nasties. 100% Vegan, cruelty-free lash lovin product!


Safe for everyday use - go on, it’s time to reward yourself with fluttery lashes. Formulated to quickly penetrate - Skin by artistry lab advanced lash essence created a healthy environment for new lash growth and denser lashes. Measurable results in one bottle! 


Packed with the GOOD STUFF! Grape fruit cell extract, Ginseng Root extract, Angelica extract & Calcium


Formulated in Taiwan


SGS/MSDS/FDA Certified

Advanced Lash Essence