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How do you find a good Microblading Artist?

Due to the lack of INFORMATION on semi permanent eyebrows in Singapore, I have decided to make use of this platform to share more insights. 👌🏼 Microblading has become a trend all around the world and MANY still struggle to find the right artist with natural results. One reason why Microblading is so popular is the ability to make a person's brow so natural - with hair like strokes. Something that seem so simple but challenging to accomplish. Choosing a brow artist is like choosing a plastic surgeon. You wouldn't just want ANYONE to work on your face. The better the quality, the higher the realism is achieved. I have taken much time, blood and sweat to deliver brows that my clients want and love. Painless and NATURAL results. And I'm here today to share what a pair of quality Microbladed eyebrow is. BUT FIRST..What is a bad job? 1. Unsymmetrical shape. We all know that eyebrows aren't supposed to look like twins but sisters. However, a good set of eyebrows should not differ too much from each other. 2. Thick “hair strokes” = deep strokes = unnatural results. 3. Strokes that DO NOT FOLLOW the natural hair growth. Natural hairs do not just go in one single direction! 4. Long strokes. What makes a good pair of natural microbladed brows is the variety of strokes created. Eyebrows have short, medium and Long hairs mixed and that’s what makes it natural! One thing for sure, NEVER choose an artist because they are CHEAP. Always remember good artists spend much time, money and effort to hone and perfect their skills. ALWAYS VIEW THEIR PORTFOLIO AND REVIEWS! How do you know if you’re getting the RIGHT ARTIST? 1. They should have a before and after picture of their work. 2. Their portfolio should include different angles and both, left and right brow. Not only one, or else how would you know if both brows are symmetrical? 3. PHOTOS SHOULD BE IN HIGH RESOLUTION. Be sure that the strokes are clear to see. This will ensure there is nothing hidden from you and you are choosing an Artist of quality. I hope that this has helped you in finding the right artist and being able to identify quality Microblading.

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