• Joei Chen

Level 3: Connection strokes and connection lines

Welcome to level 3!

In this level you will practice connection strokes and learn the connection line on latex.

You will need:

  1. Latex

  2. Blades

  3. Practice Ink

The connection strokes are made to blend lower strokes with upper strokes.

Connection Strokes:

We must always make a line to have a guide to connect all the lower and upper strokes together. The connection line starts from C2 and finishes where the hair direction changes.

This line is the darkest part of the brow due to all the strokes connecting on the same line.

We draw a semi-curved line going down into the different connection points.

Connection Lines:

We have four different types of connection lines: Short, Medium, Central and Upper Connections.

SHORT: The short connection line finishes on point 5 or before it reaches point 6. This connection is most common in Asian brows.

MEDIUM: The Medium connection line finishes on point 6 or before it reaches point 3. This is the most common connection line.