• Joei Chen

Level 2: Brow Beginnings

Updated: Apr 3

Welcome to level 2! In this level you will practice basic brow beginnings on latex.

You will need:

1. Latex

2. U Blade

3. Practice Ink

EXERCISE: Using your blade, practice creating basic beginning strokes on your latex. Please take a photo of your work on latex and send to your trainer. Don’t forget to clean your latex before you take your picture!

Mimic the strokes as shown below on your latex.

This is how your latex work should look like:

How to use U Blade:

(insert video on how to use u blade - on latex with pigment and without pigment)

45 deg at the side. Never the tip at 90 degrees.

Tip when Working on latex:

Use little pigment and remember to clean your blade to prevent build up which may cause double strokes.